The COVID-19 epidemic is a health and humanitarian concern that could pose a threat to the security of food across the globe. It is predicted that the worldwide population growth will rise by 10 million over the next 10 years, which could trigger diverse food security issues such as food insecurity, starvation and low-nutrient delicious food items.
The pandemic has had a negative impact on the cost of production of dairy and meat and supply chain problems, and the overall supply of food. The prices of meat and other meat products dropped due to a reduction in production capacity, rising demand and the an increase in panic purchasing. The plant-based meats and food industry is now an environmentally sustainable option.

Plant-Based Meat:

The meat products made from plants are created of plant-based ingredients. They share the same quality, taste and fibrous texture to animal meat. In the substitution of vegetables for meat can reduce saturated fat content while increasing the fiber and nutritional content. According to studies, this reduces the risk of developing diabetes and obesity as well as cardiovascular diseases. plant-based food also improves overall gut health , with less or the absence of constipation.

Plant-based Meat and Food Security Concern:

The current COVID-19 outbreak transforms the business of meat from plants moving from international economies, to specific product lines pricing and the amount of meat readily available for consumption. The outbreak has also drawn attention on the supply of meat and food security in the world as it causes a delay in supply chain logistics, as well as food distribution.
Sales of plant-based food products increased more than meat-based animal sales during the height of the coronavirus. The sales of foods made from plants were up by 148% from year to year during the world health crisis as compared to sales of animal-based meat that were only 99 percent. This indicates that consumers are shifting towards eating plant-based food items as superfoods.

Vita Plant is a biotechnology food company that produces healthful and nutritious meat analogues. They are made from locally-sourced Canadian pulses, such as Pea Protein, Fava beans chickpea, and fava bean. Their goal over the long term is to enhance the texture, taste and flavor of food made from plant sources. In addition, to help promote the public's awareness of sustainability and the nutritional value of protein-rich plants.