Keep track of any discussions you think are important to your subject Try to identify an area you can  research paper. Make use of a variety sources that include journals, books , and trustworthy websites to ensure that you don't miss any important information.

Do not just verify your ideas in mind, but search for sources that challenge your beliefs.

  • Are there any things that people seem to ignore in the information you find?
  • Do you have any hot arguments you could discuss?
  • Do you have an original perspective on the subject?
  • Are there any recently-discovered developments and build upon the existing research?

At this point you may consider it beneficial to write some research questions to guide your research. When writing research questions, make sure to complete the following sentence: "I want to know what, how and why ..."


An thesis statement is a description of your main argumentit defines the goal and the position of your essay. If you began with a question for research, your thesis statement must answer the question. It should also outline the arguments and evidence you'll make to back up your answer.

The thesis statement must be clear, informative and coherent. This means that it should outline your argument in a single sentence or two, make an assertion that requires additional evidence or analysis; and present an argument that is coherent and relates to all the parts of your essay.

It is likely that you will edit and improve your thesis statement as you conduct more research, but it will serve as a template through all writing. Every paragraph should strive to prove and expand the thesis statement.


A outline of a professional research paper writer is basically an outline of the most important issues, arguments, and evidence that you wish to include and is divided into sections that have headings to let you are aware of how the document will appear like prior to beginning writing.

Structure outline templates can in making the writing process more efficient, and it's worth taking the time to make one.

Draft of your research paper.

  • Your initial draft may not be perfect but you can work on it later. Your goals at this point are:
  • Maintaining forward momentum -- write now, perfect later.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the clear organization and an orderly arrangement of sentences and paragraphs This will be helpful when you are writing your second draft.
  • It is important to express your ideas as clearly as you can, so that you are aware of what you intended to convey when you come returning to your text.

It is not necessary to begin writing your introduction. Start where it is most natural to youSome prefer to complete the toughest sections prior to starting the more difficult ones, while others prefer to begin with the simplest section first. If you've created an outline, you can use it as a reference map as you work.

Don't delete huge sections of text. If you find yourself disliking the content you've written or discover it doesn't work, transfer it to a different document but don't completely lose it You don't know when it could be useful in the future.

Paragraph structure

paragraphs are the primary elements for research paper writers. Each paragraph should be focused on one claim or concept that can help determine the main argument or goal of the research paper.

Here's an example an excellently structured paragraph. Click on the sentences to gain more information.

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