If you're a ‘jewellery is a woman’s best friend’ kind of person, we believe you when you say that your face lights up when you pick out a piece of pure silver jewellery for yourself first, and then see which outfit looks best with it. We know you mean it when you say that you’re not bedecking yourselves to show others, you’re doing it for yourselves, because it makes you happy. We understand that feeling. We celebrate that spirit, because well, we’re the same.

Pehr Packaging

Hence, when we silver earrings for women , all we really had at the start was an idea. We wanted to translate fine silver jewellery into a lifestyle trend that surpasses the affinity of pairing it with ethnic outfits exclusively. We wanted to craft designs that cater to a diverse wardrobe, that complement every look in your favourite fashion book.

And we’re proud of ourselves, because we know we did it. Read on to discover our key styling tips, and our favourite pieces to dazzle your western and Indian ensembles.

First things first, we believe that when you’re deciding jewellery, you should know your key focus.

In other words, decide your anchor - what piece of jewellery/part of your body/ensemble do you want to draw maximum attention to? Do you want your outfit to attract maximum limelight, or is your goal to turn eyeballs at a statement piece of jewellery which you’re going to be wearing? This decision will decide how many pieces of jewellery to wear, which ones to wear, and how to wear it. For example, if you want all eyes to be on your dress, choose minimal pieces of jewellery, such as our Pehr Maya Ring or our Pehr Aurora Earrings. If you want your accessory to be the central focus of your avatar, keep your ensemble really simple, and opt for something with more drama in their personality - maybe the Pehr Etched Collar, or the Pehr Ra Pendant. And, if you do opt for these necklaces, keep the rest of your accessories simple -  just a pair of Pehr Hoops or Pehr Signature studs, and a simple pure silver bracelet on the wrist (we love the Pehr Star Silver Bracelet).

Let us discuss selecting pieces that match ethnic and contemporary ensembles alike.

We’re letting you in on a secret - it isn’t the Buy Silver Earrings Online for Women that decides whether it goes with your traditional outfits or the modern ones, it is how you style it that makes all the difference. Enlisted below are three of our bestselling pieces, and we’ll tell you how you guys styled them in diverse ways.

Pehr Crescent Earrings

The Pehr Crescent Earrings: When someone we know wore the Pehr Crescent earrings to a friend’s birthday party, it was worn to complement a baby pink fit and flare dress, heeled sandals and a silver watch. She was also wearing the Pehr Star Silver Ring.

However, another client of ours opted to wear these earrings to an engagement party, with a lilac sharara set, with intricate self-embroidery. She also wore the Pehr Stella Necklace around their neck, and a diamond bracelet on her wrist.


Pehr Star Pendant Silver and Gold

The Pehr Star Gold Pendant: Our friend’s mother bought this beautiful pendant from us, and we saw her wearing it to a mall, with a black shirt and printed trousers. She said she was loving her look, and it was so light yet attractive.

Her daughter (our friend) was going to a destination wedding, and she needed to carry light, relatively inexpensive jewellery, so she chose this pendant as one of our accessories. We saw her wearing the same piece with an off-shoulder pearl blouse, and a light blue lehenga. The glimmer of the gold against the beach sun was a breathtaking sight.

Pehr Saanj Kada

Pehr Saanj Kada: We’ve got a young, Buy Silver Earrings Online for Girls who’s got a fine eye for jewellery, who chose our Saanj Kada in silver to wear with her electric blue saree on her college graduation. A few days later, we were headed for our annual family vacation and we saw her wearing the same bracelet with a military coloured drawstring jumpsuit, and it was looking fantastic. As designers, we ourselves hadn’t imagined this piece to look so great with an outfit so edgy.

Trust us when we say this, as long as you’re keeping your look balanced, every piece of jewellery will look good

We know how much millenials love experimenting with their jewellery. Sometimes, they style it in the most unimaginable ways, and even mix metals shades. We saw someone layer the Pehr Star Gold Bracelet with the Pehr Star Silver Bracelet, and wear the Silver Montanna earrings alongside, and it looked dreamy. However, having said that, it’s best not to combine too many of these, all together. The focus gets completely lost, and it’s just chaos. Similarly, wearing jewellery on every exposed part of your body is a big no-no - it might look a bit much. The key is to find the balance and tip the scale towards an aesthetic ensemble.

Pehr Star Bracelet

Jewellery is a great way to encapsulate your personal sense of style into a piece, and bring it out through a variety of outfit combinations. Do you like a piece at Pehr, but are unsure how to style it? Write to us and our style experts will share a list of looks and ideas with you to style our pure silver jewellery for women fashionably.