Looking for professional vocabulary? This job board lists openings for English-Arabic translators, but some of the posts are in English, some Arabic and some both, depending on how the employer chose to write them. The publishers of the site aren’t worried about a fully bilingual site, so take a loose approach yourself when reading it. If you can’t figure out the meaning of a word, it’s likely to turn up in another post later on… or not! Roll with the imperfection.

Arabic Blogs with Context Clues

There’s one more intermediate step before we get to learn arabic free—blogs with supporting materials that help you understand their points. This can take the form of photos, English text that isn’t a direct translation of the Arabic text or text using of a lot of familiar words and cognates from English.

تعلم اللغة الانجليزية (Learn English)

Members of my Arabic Conversation Meetup group taught me to  how to learn arabic for free  by telling the app I’m a native Arabic speaker learning English—at least until Duolingo roles out their Arabic course for English speakers. Take a similar sneaky approach, and read the lessons on the Learn English blog, aimed at Arabic speakers.

There are a lot of lessons! Click through the menu to access them, even if you don’t understand the name of the lesson. English appears in vocabulary lists or as example sentences for grammar. Look for the link that says التالي (next) at the bottom to advance through multi-part lessons.

Fully Arabic Blogs

The breadth of the contemporary contributions of Arab minds opens up when you don’t need assistance reading a full blog entry.

مدونة هيله (Hailah’s Blog)

You can immerse yourself in the perspectives of online learn arabic on her productivity blog. She reviews her favorite tools and shares tips for time management.


Keep up to date on the Jordanian arts scene and read cultural commentary with 7iber (حبر or “ink”). The topics covered are broad but the articles are written in a voice of candor.


Bloggers from around the Arab world voice their views on society, religion and reflections on life itself in Arablog’s curated platform. The initiative’s aim is to encourage excellence in the Arab blogosphere, so look for new contributors added each year via competition.

Sampsonia Way

Contemporary poetry-lovers can read (banned) works from learn arabic alphabet literary magazine. Both its editors and contributors are writers exiled from their homes or living in danger because of their controversial statements. The magazine and the non-profit it represents are a haven for their works (and their physical selves).

Once you start reading these Arabic blogs, you’ll notice links and references to other blogs that you can add to your purview.

Even if you’re not ready for this level of challenge, glance through these blogs just to see the goal you’re working toward. Nurture your intermediate skill set with study materials at the right level—challenging but do-able.

There are better reading options out there than the IKEA furniture labels!

When people ask if you’re fluent already, you can answer with confidence, “No, but I do follow some cool Arabic bloggers.”

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