Business worlds are constantly in a frenzy about which new hot collaboration platform is best.

There's certainly numerous alternatives to pick from. However, one solution that is particularly effective is Microsoft Teams. It's completely gratis with Microsoft365 as well as Office 365.

Let's take a look at everything you should be aware of this fantastic collaboration software for companies or freelancers, as well as anyone else who is working in a team environment that is professional.

What is the Microsoft Teams features?

Microsoft Teams is a persistent chat-based collaborative platform that comes with online meetings, document sharing and many other beneficial features for business communication.

A well-organized workspace for team members is essential for being able to make a variety of decisions and also communicate with one another. The shared workspace software makes this much simpler to attain particularly if a specific team is located in the largest company and has numerous remote employees or is composed of a large number of team members.

teams Microsoft features make it different from other collaboration software.

Channels and teams. Teams consist by channels. They are discussion boards that allow teammates to communicate.

Conversations within teams and channels. Team members are able to join and view different conversations within the General channel. Team members can make use of the @ feature to connect others to various conversations, which is not as Slack.

Chat functionality. The basic chat function is found in many collaboration apps. Chats can be used between groups, teams, and even individuals.

Document storage is available in SharePoint. Every team which utilizes Microsoft Teams will have a website in SharePoint Online, which will include the default folder for document libraries. Every file shared in all conversations will be automatically saved to the folder. Security options and permissions can be customized to suit sensitive data.

Video calling online or screen sharing. Experience seamless and quick video calls with employees working within your company or customers outside of your company. Video call features is an excellent feature to have on an online collaboration platform. You can also benefit from the ease of sharing desktops and laptops to assist with technical issues and real-time multi-user collaboration.

Meetings online. This feature can aid in improving your communication for company-wide meetings and even training using an online meeting function that allows up to 10,000 people. Meetings online can be attended by everyone from outside or within an organization. The feature also comes with the ability to schedule meetings as well as a note-taking application along with file uploading and chat messages during meetings.

Audio conferencing. This is a feature that will not find on the majority of collaboration platforms. With audio conference it is possible to join any online meeting by phone. With an access number that covers many cities those traveling can join with no internet connection required. It is important to note that this will require additional licensing.

Full telephone. That's right! The days of searching for VoIP vendors and spending too much on phones are gone. teams Microsoft Business Voice can completely replace your company's current phone system. This requires an additional license.

Utilizing Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. It is incredibly simple to use and there is no installation necessary. But, some thought must be considered about the way a company plans to use the platform prior to rolling it out throughout the organization.

There are two choices to be considered:

The Organic Method. A business can decide to start using Microsoft Teams in a "complete free for everyone" manner, meaning that everyone within the organization can take advantage of the platform. Moreover, the use and adoption for this Microsoft Teams platform can grow organically.

It is the Controlled Approach. This method of management is more controlled and is based on requiring Microsoft Teams' use for specific areas of the company. Additionally, it requires tightly regulating the users who are able to make use of it and to perform certain tasks within it, leading to an accelerated rollout plan for the entire company.

You may choose to combine either of these options or some combination of both. The best approach for a specific business is contingent on the culture of the company and its use instances. Teams can be managed and configured through the Teams admin center.

From a user's point of view, Teams is very intuitive and the learning curve is minimal compared to more complex collaboration tools.

Customized training is available when needed by team members however, there are great online user training documents accessible from Microsoft. They are an assortment of short videos showing how to accomplish various things and perform various tasks within teams Microsoft. Due to how simple and straightforward the sharing of files inside Microsoft Teams to multiple or all users, customized documents for training and business guidelines are available on the Microsoft Teams platform for new users or employees to use.

Teams is a robust and highly effective collaboration tool which is only going to become more well-known. Microsoft Teams is included in Office 365 at no cost and therefore every Office user can take advantage of all the benefits of this collaborative solution. It brings ease to teamwork by working together with others, sharing information, and doing all this on one roof.

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