luxury eyewear is not your ordinary, everyday commodity. This Japanese eyeglasses and sunglasses wear company has been manufacturing some true piece of luxury in the world of eyewear that is very remarkable.

Matsuda eyewear: some true piece of luxury

We were so impressed by the attention to detail in these dita glasses, that we had to find out more about this company. And we are very proud that Matsuda eyewear is now available in Singapore at Visio Optical.

The history

The story begins with Mitsuhiro Matsuda, and his idea to build the Matsuda brand in 1967. It all started in the heart of Japan, Tokyo, and since its inception, it has become one of the most celebrated Japanese eyewear fashion designers.

The story begins with Mitsuhiro Matsuda in 1967

Certainly, the world of eyewear keeps changing rapidly. As a result, the global eyewear market continues to shift, and it has become more difficult to compete. With higher-quality materials and craftsmanship becoming the norm, premium eyewear has become a necessity, not an expensive luxury. And that is where Matsuda excels.

High-quality materials and craftsmanship become the norm

By the year 1996, there were ic berlin worldwide. And when Matsuda debuted its first pair of sunglasses, it was an immediate hit with the fashion community. Its designs and craftsmanship continue to set it apart from the crowd. Still, with each season, Matsuda crafts a new pair of glasses, which are handmade in the company’s headquarters. Moreover, only few craftsmen are in charge of the whole process.

 The concept

Mr. Matsuda is regarded as being the first designer to integrate architecture and fashion. In fact, in his creations, the old world blends with the new in the foundation of a new and innovative stylish design. Specifically, it features beautiful Japanese acetate and premium titanium that together form a timeless beauty.

Timeless beauty

When a luxury pair of eyeglasses is done right, it is truly a piece of art unto itself. It is pleasing both to the eye as it is to the hand, and it represents over 50 years of design history and true Japanese heritage.

True Japanese heritage

Matsuda designs are evocative and capture the beauty of the passage of time and the deep connection with the past and the place. His designs are transformed by his personal style.

A truly successful designer

In the eyewear industry, success is measured by volume, but it’s often also measured by quality. And luxury eyewear doesn’t just mean a pair of Lindberg glasses. It is also about craftsmanship and a superior product experience.

Luxury eyewear is about craftsmanship

This is generally true for many products. But it is especially true for eyewear because of the level of care and attention to detail that goes into each pair of Matsuda luxury eyewear.

Great care and attention to detail go into each pair of Matsuda

A unique take on Japanese traditions

And indeed, Matsuda success is based on two factors. The first factor is a unique take on the traditional Japanese approach to eyeglasses. Most brands in Japan focus on one or two details in the eyeglasses, to characterise themselves and use those details as a badge of distinction.

But for Matsuda, each component in the eyeglasses is an occasion to differentiate from others. Hence, that means utmost attention to every element of the frame.