Even though the majority of Americans do not adhere to the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle The popularity of vegan meat alternatives has grown in recent times with the advent of a new breed of meat-free burgers from brands like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. However, while the pea protein were able to look and tasting like real beef than the vegetarian-based options that were previously available but they didn't necessarily offer an alternative that was healthier.

Top Reasons People Choose to Consider a plant-based alternative to meat.

They are always looking for new food items.

They've heard a lot about them, and we're curious.

They're trying to cut down on meat.

They believe that alternatives to plants are more sustainable for the environment.

They thought it would taste great.

Information Source: Food Insight Survey

However, this didn't stop people from taking a look. In the year 2019 the industry of plant-based foods has seen a dramatic increase in year-over year sales (11 percent) when compared with other food retail purchases (2 percent) according to Plant Based Food Association.

It's not surprising that the producers of fava bean food products are searching for the next major thing in meatless and everybody's favourite barbecue food, sausage is a top choice. This is a comparison of nutritional values of meat-based and meat-free sausages as well as a analysis of the four sausage brands made from plant matter you'll buy at the local supermarket.

Nutrition Pork sausages in comparison to. plant-based alternatives

The primary ingredient in vegan sausage is generally the protein from peas or soybeans in addition to some or all oils (canola or coconut, sunflower) as well as spices and various plant-based components. The nutritional value of the sausage varies based on the specific recipe used by the manufacturer.

"The appeal of these products is that they need to include the nutrition facts panel," adds Joan Salge Blake, a clinical professor of nutrition at Boston University. "So you can know what are the calories? What's saturated fat? What is the sodium content?"

Blake suggests looking at different brands to determine which matches your needs for nutrition. Check for an item called the "percentage of the daily value" column (sometimes referred to as "%DV") within the nutritional facts section that shows the amount a portion of food is contributing to a typical daily 2,000 calories diet. If something's 20 % or more of the daily recommended values per serving then it's excessive; if it's five percentage or lower, it's low. Remember that serving sizes can vary according to the product.

Chart that compares the nutritional information for four vegan sausages to meat sausage in terms of calories, saturated fat protein as well as sodium


In addition to calories the three nutritional factors that are especially important to consider are the quantities of saturated fat, protein and sodium.

Protein. Protein is required to create and repair cells, as well as to construct and sustain organs, muscles and the skin. Also, it helps you feel fuller for longer. As a general rule, a person that weighs around 150 pounds requires around 54g of protein per day, as per Harvard Medical School.

Meat is a popular sources of protein. Vegans, chicken pea and other who do not eat meat or consume only sparingly should take their protein from different sources, including vegetarian meat substitutes. One serving of Italian Tofurky For instance, it gives 47 percent of daily amount of protein.

Saturated fat. Some fats are not harmful However, saturated fats have an artery-clogging property.

"The issue with Impossible sausages is that they make use of coconut oil which is an saturated fat which increases total cholesterol as well as LDL level," says Robyn Goldberg who is a registered dietitian nutritionist in Los Angeles and author of The Eating Disorder Trap. "As contrast to Tofurky that does not contain any coconut or other tropical or palm oils within its products, which, for me as a former cardiac dietitian is a plus."

A single portion of Impossible Sausage Savory, made to look like an actual sausage made of ground pork contains 20% of your daily amount for saturated fat. Contrast this with to the Tofurky sausage that has sunflower oil and canola is only 8 percent of saturated fat content per serving.

The health benefits of a plant-based Diet

A diet based on a diet of plant- based Sausages can include poultry, fish eggs, cheese, and yogurt. A large number of studies and clinical studies have proven that a diet based on plants reduces the risk of

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