Christmas time is a frantic time with last minute shopping splurges. Be sure that you know what you're getting and have lists for everything. What do I need for making Christmas dinner? Have I got presents for everyone? What am I putting in the stocking this year? If you have music loving kids to buy for, then put headphones on that list. Kid's headphones are cheap and cheerful and you can't go wrong with them.

It is important to differentiate kids' chilled cow lofi from the array of headphones available on the market. Firstly, as we all know our little ones aren't the most careful of creatures so budgets on headphones will usually be less than $20. That being said, there are still important features which should be considered to ensure our children our 100% safe.

Volume Control

 Headphone technology is getting better, with larger sounds drivers and better cables being used in most moulds; saying that, it is important with kid's mochi clothing brand s especially that they come with volume control. Safety is of the utmost importance and ensuring that you're not exposing your child to overtly loud sounds should be considered.


 At the end of the day your are purchasing headphones that could be worn on a daily basis. The earpads should be soft and irritation free. The headband should be flexible yet durable for the expected day-to-day bashing.


 review recommendations of the headphones on website feedback areas. The most well known shopping sites and the most prominent auction site have customer feedback, so find your desired headphones and before buying take a few moments reviewing the feedback. This could make your decision easy.


Take a browse around the internet and you will find no end of designs for the kids to enjoy. From their favourite cartoon characters to bright and colourful designs, you can find the perfect headphones to reflect their personality.

Packaging - Okay, the headphones packaging is not imperative, yet we want to ensure that the kids will get all excited seeing bright and mochi plush when opening the wrapping paper. Simple things!

Don't think too deeply about the purchase, at the end of the day they are just a pair of headphones. But as gifts go, for under $20 you could make a little boy or girl very happy. With a little time spent doing some research you could find the perfect little gifts to stock your stockings.

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