Mobile and manufactured homes get a bad rap in the real estate world. They typically don't qualify for mortgage loans and can be notoriously hard to finance-- but that doesn't mean there aren't folks out there looking to buy a mobile home.

The affordability and flexibility of mobile homes are big selling points for many buyers. They simply need to be marketed properly. Our experts have helped to connect mobile home buyers to sellers for years and are happy to help you too. Here are the best and most creative ways to sell your mobile home straight from our experienced team.

Leverage the Power of Online Auctions

While the COVID pandemic is responsible for the rapid rise of many e-commerce platforms, people have been buying and selling we buy mobile homes on online auctions for decades.

An online auction is the best way to sell your mobile home in Dallas, TX, if you need money fast and aren't as concerned about maximizing the sales price. Facebook events, online mall auctions, and informal bidding forums are popular hangouts for those looking to buy a manufactured home cheap.

However, they also offer one notable benefit: You can sell your mobile home as-is, meaning you won't need to pay for appraisals or inspections. Online auctions give you the power to dictate the rules and conditions of the sale, including the minimum bid and end date too.

Use Online Advertising

The average internet user spends around 144 minutes browsing through social media feeds a day, and around 50% of home buyers look online. Social media platforms and online marketplaces use algorithms and artificial intelligence to find buyers for advertised products.

Online and offline ads will allow you to showcase the unique features of your mobile home and attract interested parties. A paid local social media advertisement can give you hundreds of bids and requests per day.

Even so, you could still benefit from setting up a listing elsewhere online. Platforms that will show up in search engines will help you take advantage of the current popularity of Google. For example, if someone searches, buying a used mobile home a post on Facebook won't come up. A listing on an online classified or real estate site might.

Capture Local Interest

We may live in a digital age, but around 7% of all buyers still rely on for-sale signs to find homes, and there are ways to bring offline marketing into the 21st century. Get creative. Anyone can buy a stock for-sale-by-owner sign and slap it in front of a mobile home. If you want your house to stand out, you need to think like your intended buyer.

Something as minor as a unique design or unusual colors can make all the difference. Many sellers also find success integrating pop culture or humor into their signs, whether posted outside or on local poster boards.

For instance, if you drove by two mobile home for-sale signs, one classic red-and-white and the other featuring the Mandalorian telling you, "This the way to affordable homeownership," which seller would you call? Sometimes, your marketing approach is just as important as the condition of your manufactured home.

List Your Mobile Home on Buy My Mobile Home DFW

No matter how you decide to market your manufactured buying a mobile home checklist, patience is key, and you have to be willing to put in the work. If you're looking for a hassle-free way to sell your mobile home fast, we can help with that.

At Buy My Mobile Home DFW, we buy, sell, and list manufactured and mobile homes in any condition. We're proud to offer the best and way to sell a mobile home in the Dallas area. We can guarantee you a written offer with no commissions or fees!